4-H Adventures in the Classroom

Want to bring 4-H to your school? Register for a fun day of experiential learning! You tell us the grade, number of students, and topic....we bring the fun!
  • This registration is for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension's 4-H Classroom Adventures Program. Complete the required information below and click submit.

    This is a FREE event offered by Grayson County 4-H and is limited to schools in Grayson County! Schools are responsible for providing the location, selecting the grade and providing the number of students that will participate each month. AgriLife Extension will bring the educational component and supplies needed.

    Grayson County 4-H has a wide variety of hands on educational programs we can bring into the classroom. Once you have submitted your request to participate in the 4-H Classroom Adventures Program, we will contact you to plan an adventure perfect for your school!

  • Check the box which applies.
  • When selecting an option below, make sure your school is available for ALL three dates listed.
  • Max number of students eligible per visit 240 (Unless otherwise arranged)

    Approximate numbers are fine

  • Preferred group size per lesson is one or two classrooms per session, multiple sessions are allowed. Check all that apply.
  • There is no charge for participating in the 4-H Classroom Adventures Program. By submitting your registration, you acknowledge educational program supplies will be purchased by the Grayson County 4-H Program based on the number of students entered on the registration form.

    In order for the Grayson County 4-H Office to plan accordingly, please notify us if your plans change at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled program or program supply cost maybe be billed to the school.

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