Homemade for the Holidays Registration

We are complete happy and humbled to have 100 youth registered for both the morning and afternoon sessions! If you would like to access the recorded sessions or would like to be added to the list for future virtual camps email tdmcgaughy@ag.tamu.edu.

A special thank you to 4-H professional across the county for joining in on the fun!

Alyssa Walden and Tara Brent – Virginia Cooperative Extension

Cheryl Newberry – Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Sonya Glup and Colleen Pallas – Nebraska Extension

Morgan Ashley Young – Colorado State University Extension

Tamra McGaughy – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Homemade for the Holidays Shopping List

Homemade Holiday Treats and Crafts Recipe Cards

Christmas Tree Card Sentiments

Zoom Backgrounds by STATE

Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Montana

Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Texas

Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

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