2024 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge

This Agrobotics Challenge will be using the 2023-2024 Texas 4-H Vet-Bot Challenge: Operation Animal Care

Challenge rules and known objectives can be found at the Texas 4-H Robotics Webpage

2024 Agrobotic Rules for TELS

2024 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge

  • Grayson County 4-H is providing a competitive event for youth to showcase their skill and knowledge within the robotics project.

    The 2024 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge will be a semi-blind challenge. Teams can look up known challenges on the Texas 4-H Robotics page, as this contest will use the Vet-Bot Challenge: Operation Animal Care.

    NO challenge mats will be available for purchase, but teams can download the challenge mat and have it printed.

    Entry is in team format only. Teams may have 2 to 4 members and must compete within their specific age division (junior, intermediate, senior). At least one team member is required to be active members of Texas 4-H or FFA for this event.

    The cost to enter is $60 per team. Teams can pay by credit card or by mailing checks to Grayson County 4-H, Attn: Agrobotics, 100 W Houston A-G-1, Sherman, Texas 75090.

    Make check out to the Youth Advisory Board.

    Credit card details will be included in the confirmation e-mail.

  • Make sure you verify the team name with team members. This name will be used during competition.
  • All team members must be in the same grade division.
  • Select One.
  • Please enter a minimum of two members per team. Teams can have a max of four members.

    1) Team Member's Name or Individual's Name (First, Last)

  • 2) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 3) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 4) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • This e-mail will be used to communicate with the team.
  • I, the contestant, understand the Texas 4-H Program follows the "No Pass, No Play" policy set forth by the Texas Education Agency. All entries will be reviewed for academic eligibility for participation.

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