2020 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge

This Agrobotics Challenge will be using the 2019-2020 Texas 4-H Native Bee Challenge

Challenge rules and known objectives can be found at the Texas 4-H Robotics Webpage

Junior and Intermediate Division Teams will follow the rules of play for Junior Division.

T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotic Rules for TELS


2020 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge

  • Grayson County 4-H is providing a competitive event for youth to showcase their skill and knowledge within the robotics project.

    The 2020 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge will be a semi-blind challenge. Teams can look up known challenges on the Texas 4-H Robotics page, as this contest will use the Native Bee Challenge.

    NO challenge mats will be available for purchase.

    Entry is in team format only. Teams may have 2 to 6 members and must compete within their specific age division. At least one team member is required to be active members of Texas 4-H or FFA for this event.

    The cost to enter is $60 per team. Teams can pay by credit card or by mailing checks to Grayson County 4-H, Attn: Agrobotics, 100 W Houston A-G-1, Sherman, Texas 75090.

    Make check out to the Youth Advisory Board.

    Credit card details will be included in the confirmation e-mail.

  • Make sure you verify the team name with team members. This name will be used during competition.
  • All team members must be in the same grade division.
  • Select One.
  • Please enter a minimum of two members per team. Teams can have a max of six members.

    1) Team Member's Name or Individual's Name (First, Last)

  • 2) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 3) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 4) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 5) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • 6) Team Member's Name (First, Last)
  • This e-mail will be used to communicate with the team.
  • I, the contestant, understand the Texas 4-H Program follows the "No Pass, No Play" policy set forth by the Texas Education Agency. All entries will be reviewed for academic eligibility for participation.

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