2023 Grayson County 4-H Food Challenge Registration

Team coaches need to make sure they review the CHANGES to this contest.

2023- 2024 Food Challenge Guidelines

Resources Teams should be familiar with:
Know Your Nutrients

Food Safety Fact Sheet

2023 County 4-H Food Challenge Registration Form

  • The Grayson County 4-H Food Challenge is a team opportunity for 4-H youth to showcase their skill and knowledge within the Food and Nutrition Project.

    The 2023 contest will be held at the Saturday, October 14th at 2 p.m. The location will be at the North Park Baptist Church (2605 Rex Cruse Dr) in Sherman, Texas.

    Teams need to select one person from the team to complete a team entry. 4-H members must compete within their specific age division. Teams are limited to 3 or 4 members.

    Team registration is $15 for the County 4-H Food Challenge, but participants must be active 4-H members (enrolled) and academically eligible.

  • Select One.
  • Note: Team members must all be in the same grade division to have the opportunity to advance to the district contest on November 2nd.
  • Make sure you verify the team name with team members, only one enter needed per team.
  • If the team only has 3 members - type NA
  • I, the 4-H contestant, understand the Texas 4-H Program follows the "No Pass, No Play" policy set forth by the Texas Education Agency. All entries will be reviewed for academic eligibility for participation.

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