2021 Grayson County 4-H Food Challenge Registration

Team coaches need to make sure they review the CHANGES to this contest.

2021-2022 Food Challenge Guidelines

Texas 4-H Food Challenge WEBINAR – get all the changes here!

Resources Teams should be familiar with:
Know Your Nutrients

Food Safety Fact Sheet

2021-22 County 4-H Food Challenge Registration Form

  • The 4-H Food Challenge is a team opportunity for 4-H youth to showcase their skill and knowledge within the Food and Nutrition Project. The 2021-22 contest will be held at the Sunday, September 26th at 2 p.m. The location will be announced once we know the number of teams.

    Teams need to select one person from the team to complete a team entry. 4-H members must compete within their specific age division, with the exception that junior members may move up to the intermediate division (if needed). Per new state guidelines this year, teams are limited to 3 or 4 members.

    Team registration is $15 for the County 4-H Food Challenge, but participants must be active 4-H members and academically eligible.

  • Select One.
  • Note: The team must register in the division of the oldest member.
  • Make sure you verify the team name with team members, only one enter needed per team.
  • If the team only has 3 members - type NA
  • I, the 4-H contestant, understand the Texas 4-H Program follows the "No Pass, No Play" policy set forth by the Texas Education Agency. All entries will be reviewed for academic eligibility for participation.

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