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4-H Hatching in the Classroom

Want to bring hatch chickens at your school? Then is program is for you!
  • This registration is for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension's 4-H Hatching in the Classroom Program. Complete the required information below and click "Get Hatching".

    This is a 21 day educational experience for hatching chickens in the classroom. Teachers can reserve one incubation kit per site.

    Selection on of the following Options below and your preferred dates for the programs:

    Option 1: 18 eggs only (Cost: $10)

    Option 2: Complete incubation and brooder kit, no eggs included (Cost: $15)

    Option 3: 18 eggs with complete incubation and brooder kit (Cost: $25)

  • Check the box which applies.
  • Check all that apply.
  • Please note this is first come, first serve; if all incubators have been reserved for a session we will contact you for your second choice.

    Session 1: September 24th - October 19th

    Session 2: October 22nd - November 16th

    Session 3: March 18th - April 15th

    Session 4: April 23rd - May 20th

  • Eggs will be a mix of chicken eggs. If you are interested in hatching other poultry such as quail or duck contact Elisha Silva before completing this form at silvae@co.grayson.tx.us.

    NOTE: Quail and Duck eggs will cost more money and will come in a lower quantity.

  • Payment should be made to the " Youth Advisory Board" and MUST be made when the incubator is delivered to the school.

    By submitting your registration, you acknowledge educational program supplies will be purchased by the Grayson County 4-H Program based on the number of students entered on the registration form.

    In order for the Grayson County 4-H Office to plan accordingly, please notify us if your plans change at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled program.

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