County Council Officer Application

Read this BEFORE applying to make sure your schedule fits the commitment:

Council Expectations-2024

County Council Officer Application

4-H members of Grayson County will use this form to provide a letter of intent to serve as a officer for County Council.

  • Complete the application below to be considered as a candidate for the 2024-2025 County Council Officer for Grayson County 4-H.

  • Important information will come to the e-mail address list here, so make sure this is an account your check regularly.
  • This number will be used for group texting to inform the officer team of upcoming responsibilities.
  • Recordbook requirements will be based on the previous 4-H year as the deadline for this year will be after elections.
  • Candidates are encouraged to first review the position role and requirements before choosing their options below.

    Officers may not serve in the same role for more than one year.

    If there are "vacant" positions once all primary elections are complete, then candidates will be able to opt to run for those positions.

  • Examples: officers, volunteer positions, promotional activities
  • As a Grayson County 4-H Council Officer candidate, I realize I will be called upon to serve at many events and activities at the county level in 4-H. Some will be noted as mandatory and only school sponsored activities with prior notification will be excused. These events included but are not limited too: County Officer Training (Sunday. Aug 25th) County Council Meetings (3rd Monday of Month) County 4-H Achievement Banquet (August) County 4-H Fundraisers and Service Projects County 4-H Contests and Workshops I realize that county council officers are an ambassador for the Grayson County 4-H Program. As an officer, I “set the bar” for what is expected from all 4-H members in Grayson County. Being a Grayson County 4-H Council Officer is an honor and I will treat it as such. As a Grayson County 4-H Officer, I understand that it will usually involve being the first to arrive and the last to leave at the events and activities listed above.

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