4-H Virtual Visual Arts Resource Page

Welcome to the 4-H Virtual Visual Arts Project!

We hope you have fun time learning about sketching, drawing, and designing your own artistic creations.

Check back every Friday for the next 6 weeks for a NEW visual arts lesson!

How do I start?
First, register your project by completing the Virtual Visual Arts Project Form. Then start with lesson 1. Once you complete lesson 6, take the exit evaluation to enter the Virtual Visual Art showcase event! All project lessons are designed for you to be able to complete them at home. If you are missing something required in a lesson, be creative!

Lessons will be adapted from the Sketch Crossroads Curriculum supported through Shop 4-H. If you want to extend your learning, the curriculum can be ordered at HERE.

Watch these educational videos to learn more!

Project Target Audience
While most activities in this lesson series are geared for youth in the 3rd to 5th grade, all youth will enjoy participating.






Lesson One: Learn – Elements of Design part 1 / Do – Create your own Sketchbook!






Lesson Two: Learn – Elements of Design part 2 / Do – Visual Art – Photo Drawing Makeover






Lesson Three: Learn – Elements of Design part 3/ Do – Make the Marks Visual Arts






Lesson Four: Learn – Principles of Design part 1/ Do – Pop Up Pizzazz(1)






Lesson Five: Learn – Principles of Design Part 2/ Do –3-D Eye Tricks

Lesson Six: Learn – Principles of Design part 3/ Do –

Virtual Visual Arts Exit Evaluation

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